University of Wisconsin to host first feminist biology post-doctoral programme in the US

Our thanks to James for this utter gem:

Presumably the university will follow the feminist tradition of replacing ‘seminars’ with ‘ovulars’…


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  • They will no doubt prove that patriarchy is the reason why Usain Bolt can outrun every woman on the planet.

  • Oh dear – they refer to people on this post doc programme as “fellows” – they’ll have to do something about that terminology!

  • I can’t resist a more serious comment. There cannot, of course, be any “… science” because science is about objective truth and seeing it through any particular lens is that much less objective and hence less scientific. We recall with a shudder “Aryan Science” as opposed to “Jewish Science”. But I now understand a little better why “feminist science” (or “feminist jurisprudence”) seem fine and dandy to feminists. This understanding came via the excellent book Legalizing Misandry: From Public Shame to Systemic Discrimination against Men by Paul Nathanson and Katherine Young. What I had not realised before reading this book is that feminism took root in academia because of the postmodernist philosophy which now prevails in the humanities – and because postmodernism denies the existence of absolute Truth. Yes, people, it really is that bad. It explains a lot. The reason why feminists are impervious to reason or persuasion by empirical evidence is that they believe they are free to define truth however they wish – in principle. It is not merely that they are dim or cannot see another point of view, they are intellectually corrupt to the core. Frightening. This attitude is incompatible with science, which is based on the premise of a single objective truth.